Friday 20 June 2014

Two rings and some oddments

The first ring I did today was "Cromwell's Manor and back", plus a church micro multi. The second was "Fotheringhay Foxtrot". That added up to 55 caches, and the oddments took me to 69 caches. Not bad, considering I also went out yesterday, and didn't take my usual day of recovery.

But there's a problem with the bike. This is bike.2. The problem is that one of the hall wires has a loose connection. The halls tell the controller the attitude of the wheel, so tat the controller knows which coils to energise to pull the wheel round a step. With one hall diconnected, it's only energising 2/3 of the motor. When I wiggle the wires as they go nito the motor, I can get a good connection, but it's worrying, and I really need to dismantle that motor and make a good connection.

The trouble is, I can't see how to take this motor apart.

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