Thursday, 26 June 2014

Much biking in Market Deeping

Out today to Market Deeping. When I arrived, I discovered that, although I'd updated my database, I'd forgotten to update my PDA. As a result, the first circuit that I'd planned, wasn't on the device, so I couldn't do it.

Never mind, there's plenty more round here, so I went on to the second circuit.

I got the bike out, and found that my repairs of yesterday had caused a couple of problems. The back rack, which is a very complicated assembly of rods and bolts, came apart, because I'd neglected to tighten one of the bolts. I fixed that using my bike multitool, and then I found that the rack was touching the rear tire. To be exact, there's a plate that goes downward from the rack, which is supposed to be used for rear lights, and that was touching the tire. I fixed it by the simple expedient of grabbing it and bending it out of the way. And then I was able to set off.

After I did that second circuit, I rode into town and grabbed whatever I could find there.

I did 46 caches today, but had a large number of DNFs.

One of the caches that I did find, could only be accessed by crossing a sea of nettles. This is what that looked like:

On the other side of the sea of nettles, you can see my bike, lying down while I got the cache.

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