Tuesday, 17 June 2014

And then Liam from BT called

Well, he said he was from BT. I'll worry later about whether that's true or not. He knew my name (not difficult) and wanted to sell me broadband. I told him I 'm interested in fibre. He said he was sure that he could offer me fibre, but then he checked, and no, he can't. So I asked him when we'll be able to get broadband. He didn't know. So he put me through to Ben.

Ben wanted loads of details, so he could choose the best fiber package for me. I took control of the conversation by saying "Shouldn't we find out if fiber is avaiable first?" And, of course, it isn't. Ben suggested that I "register my interest" on their web site. Well, of course, I did that, a long time ago.

I think what that does, is give them a list they can spam when they finally get around to making it available here. What I don't think it does, is change the date when it's going to happen.

I asked to speak to the supervisor, whose name is Lois. And, of course, there was no change.

I'm seeing fiber all over the place, and I'm getting really peeved at the BT adverts extolling the virtues of superfast broadband. I don't need to be sold on the idea. All you need is to divert some of the money you're wasting on advertising, into actually making it available, and I promise I'll sign up the next day.

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