Friday, 27 June 2014

A spot

There's a spot on my leg that decided to start oozing blood several months ago, and it only stopped when I put a plaster on it. Then it didn't heal up properly. I've been waiting since then for it to sort itself out, as these things usually do, but eventually I decided to show it to my GP.

I didn't like the look of what I saw when I removed the plaster. Here's a tip - don't put a plaster on and then leave it in place for weeks. My skin had disliked the plaster, and now as well as the spot, I had an area that looked pretty bad.

The GP looked at it carefully, said that it's probably OK, but wanted to refer me to a dermatologist at Amersham Hospital. She also gave me some ointment for the problem I'd caused with the plaster, and that's looking OK now.

I went to Amersham today, and the dermatologist examined it carefully, and asked me about its history, which I have to admit I was a bit vague about, and then she said that it's probably OK, but she'd like to take a biopsy and microscope it.


That will involve a local anesthetic and a sharp knife. I'll have to go off Warfarin for a couple of days, and then I'll have to get tested so I can prove that I'm not going to bleed bucketfulls when the slice a bit off me.

It's all very unpleasant, and I can envisage two days that I won't be able to cache; one for the blood test and one for the unkind cut.

Meanwhile, instead of protecting it with a plaster, I'm using a piece of gauze, and a light bandage to hold the gauze in place.

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