Thursday, 19 June 2014

A bit of a problem for the scammers

I reported the code numbers that they were using at

I got an encouraging email back from I think the scammers will need to set up new numbers now. I also suggested that look carefully at the IP address that they come from, and block their IP range. Of course, they could always use a proxy, but anything that makes it more difficult for them has to be good.

I wasn't in today, I was out caching. So I don't know if they phoned. And I won't be in tomorrow either, also caching. Which is a pity, because I've worked out a wonderful story for them next time. I do hope they call back.

Where was I on Thursday and Friday? I was at the hospital. See, it's really important to me that this computer works properly. Life and death. Literally. because this computer controls my  kidney dialysis machine which I have to use because on my Type Four diabetes, and if anything goes wrong with this computer ... excuse me ... I'll be alright in a minute, just give me a moment to settle down, no I'm not actually crying, really I'm not ... <<sound of blowing nose>> OK, I'm OK now, it's just that life is so difficult since they had to amputate my foot ... can we proceed with you sorting out my computer now?

And if they're willing to go on installing their malware after that sob story, then they're not nice people.

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