Sunday 18 May 2014

Wedding day

So here I am at the Dorchester. Ladysolly is downstairs, being made beauiful - I told her she already was, but she wants to be even more beautiful. The bride, and two of the bridesmaids, are in the bridal suite, having their hair done, being made more beautiful, and no doubt other stuff. I'm already as beautiful as I'm ever going to be, so I get the chance to try out the Dorchester's wifi (which I can recommend) and explore the hotel room. There's no Gideon Bible which is disappointing, because I was hoping to autograph it. This may be because of the Dorchester's ownership being the State of Brunei, who have recently introduced swingeing penalties for being the wrong religion (which I probably am, being, thank god, an Atheist) and/or the wrong sexual orientation, all of which came to my attention too late to change the venue of the Wedding Of The Year.

We all had breakfast together, then I had a bit of a wander around the bridal suite, which is impressive. I saw the Wedding Dress, and then asked to see the Wedding Dress, whereupon ladysolly pointed to the Wedding Dress, which I, in my ignorance of ladies apparel, had thought was one of the curtains (and the thing that I thought was the other curtain was, it seems, the veil).

The chupa is at three.

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