Friday, 16 May 2014

Up to Uppingham

A long trip out today. I did two circuits, "Uppingham and back" and "Lyddington and back".

52 caches found, one DNF. I replaced a few caches.

The bike went well, but it's still rather heavy - after a few lifts, I get a bit tired.  I got through four of my battery packs today, and one of them is acting up, I might need to dismantle it and resolder the joints.

I found a cache that I'd DNFed a while ago, it's always nice when that happens. I remember it well, it took me  a while to work out how to get to the trig point, an dthen I spent ages hunting without success. But then a bunch of other people also DNFed it, and eventually the cache owner replaced it. Today I already knew how to approach the trig point and I found the cache quite quickly.

Tomorrow we go to London to get ready for THE WEDDING.


  1. After I've given the speech, I'll post it here. Something for you to look forward to!