Friday, 30 May 2014

Technical support scam, part two

Shane didn't call back yesterday, even though he said he would. But he did call back today. I wasn't in.

I was out caching. I was expecting him to call yesterday, not today, and we'll have a long discussion on that when I talk to him next.

Ladysolly answered the phone, but she didn't say who she was, which is just as well, because I told him I live alone. I'll tell him that she's my cleaner. Or cook. He tried to get my mobile number out of her, but she said that she didn't know if I had a mobile or not. Well, why would she, she's only the cleaner. Or maybe she's the cook.

So, the good news is that he hasn't given up. Nor would I expect him to; from his point of view, I have a credit card loaded with £119 waiting for him. Imagine his disappointment when I tell him that actually, the post office doesn't do credit cards (although I've been told that they do, but remember, this is my imaginary post office) so I got a postal order instead, which is just as good, because I can post it to you.

And your address is ... ?

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  1. Looking forward to the next installment of the installment saga...