Monday, 26 May 2014


The weather forecard was for maybe a little light rain, and indeed, that's what I got.

But I still got soaked.

I went up north to Kettering. I like Kettering. It was raining a bit when I got to my start point, so I sat in the car and read a book for a short time. Then the rain stopped, so I got the bike out of the car and got it ready for caching.

The problem was, grass. And all the other vegetation. It was all very wet, and after a few minutes, so was I. And it got worse and worse - the vegetation was up to my hips, and the wetness wicked through my trousers, onto my socks and filled my boots. I now have a pair of boots that will take about a week todry.

I did 31 caches in a loop, then got back to the car. I carry a towel, dry socks and a spare pair of boots, so I changed, had lunch, then relocated to Thrapston where I did another 18 caches.

Once cache was outstanding - it was a road sign, with two large support pillars. Inside one of the pillars, was hidden a rod and line (with hook); inside the other was a plastic duck attached to the cache container.. When I found the rod and line, it was obvious what I had to do, and after a few minutes, I hooked the duck and signed the log.

I used four of my 4S battery packs today, and they worked well. I have one battery pack that is seriously duff, but there's an order from Hobbyking on it's way to me.

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