Friday 23 May 2014

Manton Meander

Today, I did two circuits; "Manton and back" and "Brooke and back". I had some great views of Rutland Water, and I did 63 caches, including a DNF from last week.

I'm getting battery problems. A few of the batteries are behaving like they have loose connections inside. I think I need to take them apart and try to fix them. I now have four reliable 5AH batteries, and three that are too unreliable to be useful. I'm making do by putting together 4 2s batteries, thereby giving me five battery packs. I'd order more of the 4S batteries that I use, but they're out of stock. "In transit", the web site says.

While I was out, my rear carrier fell apart; that's potentially catastrophic, because that holds the controller and the batteries. The back carrier is held on near the wheel nuts, by a bolt on each side, and one of the bolts has vanished. I think it must have worked loose. I'll fix it this weekend.

At one cache, I came a cropper. I was nearly stopped, when the front wheel went into a deep slope, and I came off the bike. I fell sideways, and banged my head on the ground. I wear a helmet, of course, so no damage done. Ladysolly, on the other hand, fell over yesterday in a car park, and has hurt her wrist; she can barely hold a hand of cards.

I had rather a lot of lifts to do; many stiles en route, so my back is feeling the strain.

And I've eaten the last of the wedding cake.


  1. It sounds like the rack needs some shock adsorption to protect it and the batteries on it.

    1. The bike has rear suspension :-)
      What I need is a bolt that doesn't come unbolted, and a spare bolt in my puncture repair kit.