Thursday 22 May 2014

Eye eye

To The Practice today to have my eye checked.

When I went to the optician a couple of months ago for my routine 2-yearly check, she found that the pressure in my left eye was 39, and that's too high. So I've been on eye-drops for the last six weeks.

Today, the doctor checked me out, and the pressure is down to 24 (right eye 22).  So that's good news. But while the high pressure was there, it did some slight nerve damage to the optic nerve. Not enough to affect my eyesight, I'm glad to say, but it does mean that I have to continue the treatment - one eye drop at night. And, I'm told, optic nerves don't self-repair, so the most I can hope for is that it gets no worse.

I'm used to that - it's the same with my teeth.

They'll check me out again in a couple of months.

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