Saturday 24 May 2014

Battery problems

Three of my battery packs (out of seven) are now officially umpty. I opened one of them up to see if I could maybe resolder, or something - I don't think I can. And Hobbyking are out of the hardcase packs I've been using.

The problem is, I think, a loose connection inside the pack. Sometimes it's disconnected. Sometimes it connects, but as soon as I let the bike controller take load from the battery, the battery cuts out. Not good. Maybe I should try a different sort of battery? Not the hardcase?

So I had a bit of a think, and a long tour around their web site, and I've found 8s packs, 4000 mah, for $50, it's a special offer, and I just bought all they had, four of them. I checked my chargers, I have two chargers that can handle 8s. They'll give me slightly less (20% less) than the things I'm using at the moment, at roughly the same price. But the main thing is, they're a different battery, so maybe they won't suffer from the connectivity problem I've been getting with the hardcase packs.

I also bought five 5000mah, 2s batteries, $19 each. I already have 7 such batteries, and I can use four of them to make up an 8s, 5000 mah pack. So, 12 of them means I can make up three such packs.

While I was there, I also thought I'd try out their "Scratch/dent" stuff; apparently, they've been used in a photoshoot, otherwise they're OK. I bought 1 4s and 1 2s, just to see if they're good.

And an assortment of stuff; some 10AWG wire, another balance charger, a meter of red LEDs (I'm not sure what I'll do with those, that's just for fun), as many EC5 connectors as they had in stock (4 pair, but I have 20 pair on their way to me from China). some AA rechargable batteries and a bar clamp tool, for clamping things together, useful for holding things together while the glue sets.

So now, a big parcel will be arriving, some time next week.

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