Thursday 1 May 2014


I've been buying things from DX for some years now, but recently, their fulfilment has been poor, and that's on a few shipments. The brake shoes I ordered three months ago (THREE MONTHS!) have only just arrived; it's just as well I didn't need them in a hurry. I've mostly switched to buying via Ebay now; same Chinese product, but cutting out the middleman. And Ebay make it easy for me to track my purchases.

Recently, I wanted a powered screwdriver. I had a sniff around, and found one that works off AA batteries (meaning, recharging can be done by swapping the batteries), and even better, it was only £7 (free shipping), including 11 bits. I decided to buy this from Aliexpress, because:

A) it was slightly cheaper there
B) I wanted to see how good they'd be at fulfilment
C) They're a possible replacement for DX

I ordered one of these. I ordered it on April 20, it arrived on May 1, 10 days later. That's really very good. Aliexpress will be getting more of my purchases from now on. And they offer a guarantee, "Full refund if product is not received within 39 days" which sounds to me as good, or even better, than the Ebay guarantee.

One problem I have with them. You see some unbelievable bargains, such as this electric bike, you get the bike, motors and battery, all for £26. I simply don't believe it. And it makes me wonder how many fakes there might be on this site.

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