Saturday, 22 February 2014

Passage to Pimlico

I've been nursing a cold for the last couple of weeks, but today the weather looked good, my cold was in remission, and I decided to redo the trip to London that got aborted two weeks ago because the bike was playing up.

So I went to West Hampstead cemetary; I thought there would be easy parking there, and I was right. I got the bike out, and loaded up with seven 5AH batteries - as it turn out, I only used four.

I rode south. I picked up the Abbey Road webcam cache; I've tried it before, but now there's an app and that makes it a lot easier. I continued south, and picked up "No 9 Routemaster Bus", which I did using desk research. I wound up at Pimlico.

Then I finished off "Walk around the park"; I already had most of the numbers from previous visits, and today I polished it off.

Then I tackled "London Invasion" for the third time, and I failed yet again.

But when I went to investigate one of the possible locations, I went down the long flight of steps by the Duke of York statue, and the stress of bumping down, broke one of the attachments on my pannier - the pannier that was carrying about 15 pounds of battery. So I bodged a make-do, and dfecided to head for home. On the way back, I picked up the cache in Park Lane that's been bothering me for a while.

The bike performed marvellously; the only problems were the broken pannier (I've ordered a replacement) and I cracked my pda holder when the bike fell over (without me on board).

So, 36 caches done, and a very good day out.

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