Tuesday, 18 February 2014

An attempt at fraud, part 3

Some more attempts.

1. An attempt to take out a credit card with M&S in ladysolly's name. That's been squashed.

2. An attempt to get a debit card with Santander. That's been intercepted. But I'm thinking that this means that an account has been opened with Santander using my name, so I'll have to call them and find out what's what.

3. An attempt to do online banking with Santander. Also intercepted.

I do find it quite surprising that the banks are so eager to open accounts and send out credit cards, that they'll accept commonly available information (a name,  a phone number and an address) as sufficient to issue accounts.

Or maybe I shouldn't find it so surprising. In all my dealings with banks, they've shown a woeful lack of security sense.


  1. I thought you had to either already be a customer to open an account or if not take a driving licence and utility bill to prove who you are?

  2. Banks keep putting me through huge hoops to prove that I am me. Isn't it disappointing that they're happy to believe that someone else is me just on their say-so?