Saturday 18 January 2014

To Braintree with Ladysolly

We stopped off at London Colney to get our sandwich lunch and Starbucks, then on to Braintree. After lunch in the car, we set off to do "Cludo who dunit?". At each cache we found a few cards showing people, places or murder weapons, and I carefully noted down the information on them. The mud along the way was awful, we were slipping and slinding and squidging and squelching, and we brought quite a lot of it back home with us. We found all the caches, and then we sat in the car for out coffee and bun, and thought about how to get coords out of these.

In Cluedo, you deduce the murderer, place and weapon by seeing which cards are missing; this was similar, except that we had to get two lots of murderer, place and weapon(one for Northings and one for Eastings). In addition, we had to decide which order the numbers should be in to give the coordinates. I'd been thinking about this as we walked along, and it was only in the last 100 yards before getting back to the car that I came up with two possible theories, which both turned out to amount to the same ordering.

The task was made a little more difficult because in one cache, the log was missing and the cards were dirty, which meant that something had happened to that cache. And I think that one of the cards had gone astray there. So we wound up with two possibilities for the bonus cache. Fortunately, they were close together, and when I got there, one could be eliminated easily. And sure enough, there was the bonus cache, big and lovely. I left a 250 gb cache, excellent series.

18 caches done today. Thanks to infinison for setting the series.

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