Wednesday 22 January 2014

Sawtry sojourn

Up north to Sawtry today, with bike.2. The theme of the day was mud. Mud, mud and more mud. I took much of it home with me.

I started off on Little Gidding and back; halfway round, I diverted to pick up three "Twin Turbine Trail" caches, two multis and a puzzle. And a few others in the vicinity. Then back to the circuit, and I completed it and was back at the car at 2pm. So I had lunch, took out the two empty batteries and put in two full ones, and set off on the second circuit, Sawtry and back.

Little Gidding and back was pretty muddy, but I managed to avoid most of it by careful routing. I'd rather do three times the distance on the bike if I can avoid a the sort of mud that clogs the bike up.

Sawtry and back was,I think, muddier, but again I used my mud-avoidance strategies. But I had to cross the middle of some very muddy fields, and that's fatal. I went round the edges instead, so at least I was able to push the bike, but the mudfullness was terrific.

I finished off with a cache just outside the Adult shop, and then on the way home I had another go, (successful this time) at the cache in an underpass under the A1.

61 caches altogether, and no DNFs! A grand day out.

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