Tuesday 14 January 2014

Atheism advantages

There's a lot of advantages in being an atheist.

1) There's thousands of religions, if you choose the wrong one, you go to hell. Or something.
2) You don't waste lots of time praying to the invisible sky thing.
3) You don't waste lots of money building buildings for the invisible sky thing.
4) You don't get to pay for people to pray for you to the invisible sky thing, only to discover that instead of praying, they're preying on your children.

But there's an advantage I hadn't thought of. You get to live in the UK. This fellow has successfully got asylum in the UK, on the grounds that he's an atheist. The reason is, some religions say that you have to be killed if you decide to change from their religion. And this is the case in Afghanistan (for example), where the law prescribles the death penalty for failing to believe in their official religion.

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