Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Spam from Wembley Stadium

I got a spam today from Wembley Stadium, explaining that  "Club Wembley could be the perfect place for you to entertain your clients"

Well, maybe. So I've emailed them back asking for a quote for a wedding reception, 150 gguests, and can they provide kosher food?

I have this idea that if everyone who got spammed were to reply to the spammer with a serious sales enquiry, they'd soon learn that spamming is not a good way to drum up new business.


  1. Arh, Welcome back doc., for a while yesterday you were obviously trying to find 50p to put in the meter!! I see the whole of Drsolly went down actually? I do hope it wasn't a DDoS attack!!

    Anyway you are back up and running, so look forward to your witticisms shortly.

  2. I don't think it went down. Maybe a problem at your end?