Wednesday 18 December 2013

Raspberries for Christmas

I went to the RS-online web site to order a few more Raspberry Pies. There's a bargain there; you can get a Pi, plus an 8GB SD card (which you will need as the main storage), preloaded with Raspbian, for £27.40 (plus vat). The web site says "Temporarily out of stock" and suggests 13 January as when they'll send them, but actually I ordered four and they arrived the next day!

It's an ideal present for anyone at all interested in computers.


  1. Wow, that is a good price. I wasn't impressed with RS when I bought my pi, Farnell's gave much better customer service . They have similar offer with NOOBs installed, which i don't need to tell any of your readers, is the prog that allows the user to select a particular OS and it installs it for you. Except they are £32.99 there! (Actually that's only 11p more on a like for like basis)

    ps They actually do heat sinks for the PI!!

  2. You shouldn't really need heat sinks as it's basically same chipset as a smartphone which is in more of a compact case, only a few of my pi a these days have heat sinks and none of my new ones.