Friday, 6 December 2013


The default programming language for the Raspberry Pi is Python. But it also comes with a Perl interpreter, so that's what I've been using. the AirPi software, is written in Python, so when I needed to modify it, I struggled a bit, being totally unfamiliar with the language.

So I did what one does in such a situation - I ordered two books from Amazon from the O'Reilly series, on the grounds that every O'Reilly book I've ever bought has been excellent. They arrived today. "Learning Python" and "Programming Python".

They are 3,000 pages between them; so heavy that I can barely lift either of them with one hand. Just the preface to "Learning Python" is 50 pages.



  1. There's a computer language you don't know!! OMG what is the world coming to!
    I guess at 1500 pages, these are reference books and not your average Python for Dummies type literature?
    I'm looking forward to your synopsis of them next week then :)

  2. I can claim fluency in only four languages, Algol, Fortran, Pascal and Perl. I have a smattering of Basic, my encounter with C was a clear win for C, and I played with Snobol once. Oh, and 86 assembler, but only if I have to.

    No, they aren't reference books. The first one is called "Learning Python", and that's what it is.