Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Fun with a spammer

I was spammed by another of the organisations that really shouldn't be spamming anyone, because until the spam arrived from them I thought that they were reputable. Clearly, they'd bought a list from one of the less scrupulous list vendors, sold as "business users". And I was on this list.

They were suggesting that I spend part of my hospitality budget at their venue, a big venue in London, capable of seating many thousands. So, thinking about Christmas (a month in the future) for me and ladysolly, I emailed them back with an enquiry. At this stage, I didn't mention how many people would be involved - I just asked for more details, and an estimate of costs.

Two weeks later, I hadn't heard anything back. That's a bit surprising - why go to the trouble of spamming milli0ons, if you aren't going to respond to sales queries?

So I emailed them again, asking why they hadn't replied to my enquiry.

A week later, they got back to me, asking me if I was a member of some organisation they run. So I emailed back, explaining that I wasn't, but that I was replying to their original email.

A few days later, they replied, explaining that as Christmas was now upon us, they wouldn't be able to respond until January.

So I emailed them back, explaining that as Christmas was now almost upon us, I'd made other arrangements. I said that I felt that they were suffering from having too many customers to be able to even answer a sales enquiry, and that I hoped that they would soon sort out this problem, either by increasing their efficiency or by reducing their number of customers (and I hoped that my going elsewhere had helped them with this).

And would they please remove me from their list of potential customers to send emails to.

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