Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dead drives

I've just replaced five hard drives. They've been dying like flies recently.

The most recent has been a couple of 1000 gigabyte drives that are reporting that they are 0 gb. Nothing I've done can persuade them otherwise. I have backups, of course.

So I ordered a dozen drives from Bluepoint. That wasn't easy - their system offers me the choice between:

A) Have my email address on record, but then I get their spam, and worse, I get personal emails sent to me by their sales guys trying to drum up business. Or worse still, phone calls. I got one while I was in the middle of a muddy field while caching. I've told them so many times - when I want something, I'll contact you if you have good prices, and no amount of phone calls or emails will change what I need, or when I need it.

B) Don't have my email address on record, in which case I can't access their web site to look at prices and availability. Which makes it impossible to include them in the purchasing decision.

We've sorted that out now - they've given me a special password so I can view their web site. And, as a consequence, I ordered 12 2tb drives from them. They arrived the next day! Very good.

And I've used five of them already, replacing these duff drives.

Now I'm reloading the drives with data, which is a long process, because 1tb is a lot of data. Of course, it's all automated, I dont have to stand over them. Even so.


  1. Doc, When you're ready, I've got a mate who can tarmac the drives for you ! :)

  2. No need; see my next post ...