Sunday 22 December 2013

Bike.1 ready to roll

After several months in reserve, bike.1 is at last ready for riding. I took it out for a test run today, just before the rain started, and the only fault I found was that the LEDs showing battery state were much too bright, quite dazzling. I don't need them anyway, because I have a voltmeter instead, which gives me a much better idea of battery state. So I covered the display with masking tape, and now it's just a slight glow.  So bike.2 can, at last, be put back into its normal role as backup bike.

I've ordered a few things for bike.1, which should arrive in the new year. Nothing crucial, but I do like having a clock/thermometer on the handlebars, and I've ordered a short pump to replace the full-size one that's currently in the panniers, plus a multitool for adjusting things while in the field. And a puncture repair kit, of course. Although when using kevlar tires, gel inserts and thorn-resistant inner tubes, I've never had a puncture. So far.

I'd like to do a series of 70-odd caches near Barnwell, but I'll wait until the weather forecast isn't "downpour".

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