Tuesday 17 December 2013

A visit to Harrods

You can get anything in Harrods. If you can't get  it in Harrods, it's not worth getting.

So when ladysolly said she was popping in on Harrods on the way to visit daughter.1&2, I thought, I'll tag along. And then I remembered they have a Salt Beef Bar. Yum - hot salt beef sandwiches!

So we arrived at Harrods, and I popped off to do a couple of nearby caches, then back to Harrods for lunch. Yum - hot salt beef sandwiches!

So I asked the security guy at the door (keeping out the riff-raff, but somehow he overlooked me) "Which way is the salt beef bar?" "There isn't one."


Apparently, they've closed it. Gaaahhh!

So I visited the food hall anyway, and found where they sold sandwiches, and ordered a hot Reuben, which is salt beef, cheese and sauerkraut. But it wasn't nearly as good as a proper hot salt beef sandwich, and really really small.

Then on to daughter.1, where I had a katsu curry for lunch and we spent the afternoon and evening there, chilling out. Daughter.2 arrived and christmas lunch was discussed, my contribution being enthusiastic noises at appropriate moments.

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