Friday, 29 November 2013

With ladysolly to Disneyland Paris

Last night, we slept at the Renaissance Hotel, St Pancras. Or rather, we didn't. The air conditioning was too noisy to permit sleep, and the hotel staff said that it couldn't be turned off. Then in the morning, ladysolly's porridge was A) too cold and B) they put sugar in it, when she asked for brown sugar on the side. She sent it back, and it was replaced by hot porridge, brown sugar on the side, but C) it was too lumpy to be edible. And this is supposed to be a five star hotel? We won't be going there again!

Next time we catch the Eurostar, I'll look into picking it up at Ebbsfleet. Parking is £9 per day.

Then we went to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar. That was great, except that at Ashford, just before going into the Channel Tunnel, the person responsible for safe tunnel traversal had some dreadful accident and had to be taken to hospital. The announcement said "You remember Apollo 13? Well, ..." and I had mental pictures of an exploding oxygen tank and the need to use the lifeboats that all trains carry. We had to wait nearly an hour for a replacement safety person before we could proceed. That made the journey an hour longer, which doesn't sound like much, but in a trainfull of 2-10 year olds heading for Eurodisney and getting bored, it was dire.

So we arrived at the terminus, and the hotel was a short walk from there. We had a look around the Village, but the main day will be tomorrow. However, I can recommend the "Inventions" eating place; great food, and all you can eat.

And, as you can see, their Wifi works well, and is free.

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