Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tour of Tixover

As the happy recipient of a Late Pass, I planned to do a route of 50-odd caches, followed by an attempt on the Lyrical Conundrum bonus, and a night cache.

I got the bike out, and took two of my old batteries, and one of the new ones. In practice, I covered the whole route of 54 caches with just one battery! I got back to the car at about 3:30, had lunch, and went to pick up the Lyrical Conundrum bonus, which I sadly couldn't find. But the night cache went well, although the markers were a bit far apart, and I had to cast about a bit a few times. I covered more than two miles on foot (I should have taken the bike).

I managed to drop battery 7 and it cracked open, but I think I'll be able to fix it with sticky tape.

Back home, I visited the Tandoori in Chalfont station for the first  time. I'll be going there again!


  1. They have a Tandoori at Chalfont Station!! When I was there they didnt have a fence! Do they do a delivery service? Its a bit far for me to come in one night? Does Chalfont still have the underpass to cross platforms, or have they moved into footbridges now? I must come back and visit the old haunts.

  2. I don't think they deliver. There's also a Chinese. The underpass is still there.