Saturday, 16 November 2013

To Bernwood Forest with ladysolly

We started late; we didn't get out of the house until just after noon. First, we stopped at Beaconsfield Services for lunch; I had a curry at Chosan Noodle, yummy! Ladysolly had a Domino Pizza. I don't understand why people put up with rubbish food from Gordon Ramsey and his ilk, when there's treats like this around.

So then we went on to Bernwood Forest. There's 14 caches there, and no obvious route to follow, so I just used the map to plan it. Some of the tracks we followed were so muddy we were sinking in up to our ankles, and to get one of the caches we had to go far from any track into the wild. But we found them all, picked up another one on the way home, and it was a good day out.

I got attacked by a dog. Twice. The first one just hurled himself at me and jumped up at me. The owner called the dog (who, of course, ignored the owner). I got my walking pole ready to defend myself if he wanted to get nasty, but I think my determined look made him slink off. The owner said "Sorry about that" cheerfully. I guess she's used to it.

The second one was an hour or so later. This one decided that he'd show his teeth at me and bark, trying to intimidate me. Again, I just stood my ground, holding my walking pole firmly in both hands, so that if the dog were to follow up its barked threats with its teeth, I'd be able to give a good account of myself. The owner noticed that I was ready and willing to defend myself, and made strenuous efforts to get the dog under control, which the dog, of course, ignored. Eventually, the dog decided that I wouldn't be easy meat, and slunk away. I was not entirely surprised when the owner rewarded the dog with a doggie treat. She maybe thought that she was rewarding the dog for eventually leaving me alone. I'd guess that the dog thought it was being rewarded for its aggression towards me.

I fully agree with the Princess Royal; it's time we started thinking of dogs as a potential source of food.


  1. erm, wasn't that horses!!

  2. I think dogs feel about you, how Mosquitos feel about me...