Friday, 8 November 2013

Salcey again

But first, 22 caches around Stoke Bruerne.  I did these on foot, because the route was mostly footpaths. And I'm glad I did; the track was very soft and squishy, and there were some terrible kissing gates for getting a bike through. I found all the caches.

Then on to Salcey Forest. I had lunch in the free car park, then got the bike out and got ready for a tour. But then disaster struck. The bike didn't repond to the throttle.

I tried various things, but nothing worked. I got a bit of a tremble on the front wheel, but nothing useful. I'll have to investigate this, but meanwhile, I had a decision to make. Abort, cycle or go on foot? I decided to cycle. When the motor doesn't work, an electric bike is still a bike.

I went round all the caches that I hadn't done last time I was here, including a very fine night cache, where I followed the markers right up to the motorway and back. And then I revisited a DNF that I'd had last visit. Someone else had found the cache, and given some details on where it was, so I had another go.

The details didn't help, and I was just about to give up; I'd picked up the bike for getting back to the car, when I spotted something that looked like it might be the cache. And it was! Hurrah!!!

I also made more progress on the Salcey Trail. I now have nine out of the ten numbers. But one of them is firmly stuck inside a post, and unretreivable, and another one is, I think, missing. So I have ten widely separated possibilities.

46 caches done today, and I have to investigate why the bike isn't working. It's either water in the motor, or (more likely) the controller has given up.

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