Wednesday, 6 November 2013

New iPhone

Today, ladysolly finally gave in to her iPhone craving, and asked for a model 5S, which I ordered for her from the Apple store, because it looks to me like you can't really get it cheaper anywhere else. The cost is huge, but she's worth it, and it'll be her Christmas present. She's getting the gold one,  with 64gb of memory because I couldn't face trying to explain to her that 16gb is enough unless you're planning to store lots of video on it, which she isn't.

And that means I get to inherit her iPhone 4. This will be an upgrade from the iPhone 3 that I inherited, and it's a very significant upgrade for me.

The reason is, you can't use an iPhone 3 for caching, because it takes a *very* long time to notice that you've moved. So casting about to find a cache means: move, wait two minutes, move, wait two minutes ... and so on. And I've googled extensively, and I can't find any way to fix this.

The iPhone 4, however, doesn't suffer from this problem, and I've got Memory Map and Geosphere on it.

Tomorrow I go back to Salcey Forest to finish what I started there last week. The insect bites that I got in Worthing have pretty much subsided now, so I'm ready to be bitten again!

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