Monday, 4 November 2013

Medical help

On or about the 26 October, I got bitten. Several bites by some sort of insect, mostly on my legs. They weren't too bad at first, but gradually got worse and worse until I was finding it impossible to sleep for the itching.

Yesterday, I took serious action. I got medical help. Not from my doctor, of course, who is so busy that it's difficult to get an appointment within a month unless you claim it's an emergency. And not from my usual Small Injuries Unit. No - this time, I got my medical help from Tesco.

My local Big Tesco has a pharmacy, and they're open all hours, just like Tesco is. So on Sunday, I went there. I showed the horrible-looking blotchy areas to the pharmacist there, who was suitably sympathetic, and prescribed Piriton anti-allergy tablets and Anthisan cream, £6.70. She said they'd make me drowsy, but I wasn't doing anything more taxing that going on a train and attending our Ruby wedding party. And you can drink alcohol with them, but it makes you drowsier. Recklessly, I had three glasses of champagne and a double helping of cheesecake.

I took the tablets and smoothed on the cream. Last night I got a really good night's sleep for the first time in a few days, waking at about 2pm. And the bites are feeling much, much better.

Medical help is available in the UK, you just need to know where to look.

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