Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hobbyking shipped, AirPi shipped, baby has sniffles

Hurrah! My big Hobbyking order for batteries has finally shipped. I ordered a bit over a month ago, they sent the wrong stuff, I sent it back, they were then out of stock on batteries, but today they emailed me to tell me that they've shipped.

This comes at a good time. Battery 6, yesterday, only gave me 4 Ah, and it weighs 7.5 pounds. One pair of HK batteries, which should give me 5Ah, weighs 2.5 pounds. When this order arrives, I'll have five such pairs, giving me a range of 75km for 12.5 pounds weight.

Also, my AirPi has arrived. Now I need to solder the components to the PCB, and hope that it works.

Grandson.1 has a cold. This would normally be of small significance, but we're going to Eurodisney at the end of this week. Ladysolly has made contingency plans - if no baby, then no trip. I think she's daft, a small thing that that isn't going to stop daughter.1 and grandson.1 from visiting Eurodisney.


  1. Whoopie, Will be very interested to know how the AirPi goes, oh and how Grandson 1 is too :)

  2. AirPi is working, see latest post!