Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Caching tomorrow!

I'm planning a day out (with late pass) near Collyweston, Cambs. There's a ring of 50-odd caches to do, and I'm hoping to (at last) pick up the final of Lyrical Conundrum with a short diversion. And then there's two night caches to finish the day. I'll be taking bike.2, newly repaired and with the electronics inside a zipped pouch, which I'm hoping will help keep the wet out. I'm planning to carry batteries 6 and 7, with two of the new batteries as reserves. Plus head torches in case it gets dark while I'm doing this big ring. I'm thinking that the whole route will take 6 hours, which will get me back to the car at 5pm, then another hour for Lyrical Conundru, then the two night caches.

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