Monday, 11 November 2013

Birthday party in London

 Just before I left, I got a call from somone claiming to be from DHL, telling me that they owed me a refund (which is true). Then the person calling asked me for my credit card number.

"You what?" I said, "no way. I don't know who you are!"

I'm not sure that he understood my point. So I called DHL (not the number that the caller gave me, obviously, but the number I got from Google), and they hadn't heard of the bloke who had called me. But them they made further enquiries, and maybe they do know who he is, but DHL customer service agreed that no way should they be phoning people up and asking for their credit card number. So we left it hanging in mid-air, because we had to leave to catch the London train. I'll call them tomorrow.

Ladysolly and I went to London today, where we met daughters.1 and .2 and grandson.1 for lunch at Bank, where I had ribs for a starter followed by ribs for a main course, with chips and ice cream to follow. Yum. As a result, being very full, I had two scones for supper.

While at daughter.1, I dismantled her refrigerator in order to fix it. It was a bit tricky to reassemble, but I eventually worked out what went where and why.

Then a very crowded train home. We're all looking forward to Eurodisney.

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