Monday, 18 November 2013

Barnstorming around Barnack

North to Barnack today, for a long day on the bike. I parked, loaded up one old battery (number 7) and a couple of the Hobbykings, and set off. I did about 20 kilometers in the morning run (I use the term "morning as meaning, pre-lunch) fo 40-odd caches, no DNF. I had a quick lunch back at the car, changed the battery to number 6, and set off again, for another 35-odd caches. No DNFs, although a couple of caches were nearly DNF. I didn't need to use the Hobbyking batteries, the old ones were enough.

This sculpture of a sculptor caught my eye in the middle of the village.

I just liked the name

I got back to the car well after dark, and scooted for home. 73 caches, no DNFs.

A pair of ex-German army mittens arrived, size 10 (very large) I wanted the very large because I'm planning to wear my fingerless biking gloves, and then when it gets really cold, the mittens over that. So my hands won't freeze when I'm walking or biking, and when I take the mittens off to do a cache, I still have most of my hands covered by the biking gloves.

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  1. A Sculptor must have Sculptured the Sculpture of a Sculptor. I'd like to see a Sculpture of that.