Thursday, 14 November 2013

Aorta, more stuff, batteries and chopped liver

 I had my aorta scanned; the aorta is a very important tube that carried buckets of blood from the heart downwards, and if you have a problem with that, it's bye bye. They were looking for an aneurism, because I'm male and over 65, and they didn't find any problems. But the woman doing the scan had to press really hard to get a picture, and it was quite painful! It's good to know that my aorta is sound, though.

More stuff arrived today. A 12000 mAh battery which, if it works, will be able to power an iPhone (or pretty much anything else) for a long time. Yet it's quite light. Good for long bike trips.

Ten male kettle plugs, to replenish my stock that had taken a big hit in making up battery connectors for the bike.

A pair of red rubber handlebar covers. I've tried foam, that's rbbish. And I'm currently using lockable covers, but they don't last.

Four pots of glue. I'm fed up with not being able to glue things; that's why I also got a glue gun, which also arrived.

And I've fixed battery 6. Yesterday, I dropped it off the back of the car onto the hard road, and it sort of shattered. Actually, it's only the outer plastic shell that's damaged, and the screws that hold it closed no longer work because their seatings broke. So I opened it up, and soldered in a new connector that means that I have a female kettle plug for connecting to. Then I closed it all up and used duct tape to make it slightly waterproof - it wasn't completely waterproof before, and since with my new arrangement, it goes in a pannier bag, it's protected from the rain anyway. The voltmeter said that it's all looking good.

If this works out, I'll convert batteries 6 and 8 using the same idea. The existing arrangement for connecting the battery is a push-fit pair of prongs that falls out far too easily, which means that I have to stop, open the pannier, and push them in again. It would be nice to have female kettle plugs there too.

This evening, we go with to a kosher restaurant. I'm planning to have chopped liver, chicken soup and salt beef. Yum!

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