Monday, 25 November 2013

A nice day out in Rushden

Ladysolly's out playing bridge all day, so I get to go out all day.

First, I did two more of the "Treasure of the Templars" series. Not many people are doing these, but I like them. I did another one later, so now I've only got one to do, and then the bonus.

Next, I went to Rushden. I parked, and got the bike out, picking up 20-odd caches in the area. One of them was really difficult, but I was lucky that the cache owner rogue5 came out of his house to encourage me ... and give me hints. Eventually I found it, and it was very nicely done. Then I persuaded him to invite me in for a cup of coffee. He also gave me directions so that I could get to the track on the edge of town, where I did several more, including two very clever caches; one disguised as a tap, and the other in a fake drainpipe. I also bumped into another cacher there, in the act of setting a new cache, so I got an instant First To Find!

I got back to the car at 3:30, for lunch. I'd been running on battery 6, but it only gave me four amp-hours before it died (it's supposed to be ten, some hope!); fortunately, I had one of the Hobbyking batteries with me.

When lunch was done, it was starting to get twilighty, so I decided not to do a tour of the northern half of Rushden; instead I did another of the "Treasure of the Templars" series. That took me to a church, where a multi started. I collected the info for Louisa Smith, and the others I needed, but when I got back to the car, the numbers wouldn't make sense. Eventually, I discovered that there are two Louisa Smiths in that churchyard. Using the info for the right Louisa Smith took me to a likely-looking place, and there I quickly found the cache.

Then on to the best part of the day; there are five night caches in Irchester Country Park, and I wanted to do all of them. I did the first one, it was fairly easy. The second one escaped me, I couldn't even get started. Other cachers have had the same problem, I suspect that the first marker is missing. Then I did the other three, which were pretty hard work, because they led me across the "nap of the land", I was struggling uphill then skidding downhill as I went across the waves in the terrain, and as it was all forest and undergrowth it was tough. But I did manage to find all three of them. And I also did a cache that was high up in a tree, and I did it without climbing, using my stick to dislodge the cache, and also to replace it.

So, 30 caches done today, and a really good day out!

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