Saturday 12 October 2013

Reading winmail.dat

A supplier just emailed me with an "invoice enclosed". The file he sent me was winmail.dat.

It I were running the same mailer that he's using, there would probably be no problem. But I'm not using Microsot Outlook. So how to I read this file?

"yum install tnef" installed a program called, tnef, then "tnef winmail.dat" extracted a pdf file, which I was able to load into Acrobat Reader, and print out

I wonder how their other customers cope. Maybe they all use Outlook.

Anyway - the Anderson Powerpole 30 amp connectors just arrived, and I have to say, they're very neat. They can handle 30 amps, they seem to be easy to connect a wire to, and you can make up a N-way connector for whatever value of N you please, by making them interlock. The batteries I bought seem to be working out so well, I'm thinking of getting another set, and I might well use these connectors instead of the kettle plugs, because they are so much smaller and neater.

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