Thursday 24 October 2013

More buying problems

I bought a "IMax B6 Digital LCD RC Lipo/Li-ion/LiFe Battery Balance Charger imaxb6 80W & 50W" via Ebay. What arrived, was a weighing balance, for weighing very small weights, such as jewellery. But it took me a while to work out what had happened. All I knew at first, was that this little scale had arrived, and I was pretty sure I hadn't ordered it. It took me a while to work out who it had come from, because the package didn't have an invoice, or a sales slip, or anything that told me who had sent it. I had to go on Ebay and look at the several things I've bought recently that haven't arrived yet, and see which of them also sold a "0.001g 20g Digital Jewelry Gram Gem Precision Scale Weigh Mini Electronic Blance".

I suspect the word "balance" is what confused someone.

So then I opened a dispute with them, asking for a full refund. If they want me to send the item back, I will, but I doubt if it's worth the cost of the postage.

I'll give them a few days, as per Ebay's rules, after which I have to escalate the issue to Ebay.

Meanwhile, I'm sending the wrong stuff that Hobbyking sent me back to them, then they'll give me a refund or a credit note, I don't know which, then I'll have to put in the order again, except that the UK warehouse has run out of the batteries that I'm after, and no-one knows when they'll be in stock again. Oh well, I can buy them from the Netherlands warehouse at a slightly higher price and slightly higher shipping cost.

Some good news - the wattmeter I ordered has arrived, and I've soldered it to a pair of kettle plugs. Now when I use the bike, I can put that between the battery and the controller, and it'll tell me how many amp-hours have flowed. I'll have an accurate figure for the capacity of each battery.

I also received the "universal" chain guard to replace the broken one on the bike. It wasn't quite universal, I had to insert an extra spacer washer to make it fit properly, and I'm not sure how good it's going to be; it seemed to be not really tough enough. I'll see.

And a tool to remove the gears and freewheel from a back wheel. That will probably be useful in future - I've already had to replace that unit twice (it's the freewheel that goes), and I've been paying my local bike shop to do the job. But now I can do it myself, and I even have a spare set, from the wheel that's gone out of true when I hit the tree.

By the way, my head has pretty much healed up now. I can't see anything because of all the hair, but now I can press on the area without it hurting, so it must be healing up fine.

Tomorrow, we go to Worthing for the weekend. Ladysolly is attending a Bridge Tournament there, so I'll be caching around that area. Or possibly lurking indoors wishing it would stop raining.

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