Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cycling round Stevenage

I was keen to try out my new battery pack, and there's an "On yer bike" in Stevenage, so that's where I went.

The battery lasted for 36 caches, which makes me very happy. I was on my way to the 37th when the voltage alarms started ot go off, telling me "Stop using the battery". So I switched to one of my older style batteries, and finished on that. It looks like I'll be getting a bunch more of these, and I'd recommend them to any electric bike owner whose battery is more than a couple of years old, and is not as vimful as it used to be.

48 caches done, and a few DNFs.

While I was searching for a micro in ivy, a cyclist came up to me and asked me if I had a pump. He had a flat rear tire, so I loaned him my pump and that was enough to get him home. I didn't find the micro.

On the way there, I stopped at my local Tesco to pick up sandwiches for lunch. But their shelves were bare. So instead, at lunchtime, I relocated to a Sainsbury's car park and got hot chicken plus some bagels, which I ate in the car. Lovely!

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