Monday, 7 October 2013

Controlling the charger

The charger for the batteries will be powered by a PC power supply, of which I have several lying around spare. But it's occurred to me that I can be a bit more clever with this.

I have three temperature sensors; one of these is continuously telling me the outside temperature, and two are telling me the temperature in the Data Shed. I can divert one of those two, and use it to take the temperature of the battery while it is being charged. And I can monitor that temperature from, say, a Raspberry Pi, and switch the PSU off if the battery is getting too hot. I can also use the Pi to power-off after a preset time.

The iMax charger will, I think, be able to do all that itself. But it's more fun if I set it up myself.


  1. Talking of Pies and temperature, have you got your AirPi yet? I see they are out there now and wondered how you may be getting on with it. Although you are a busy man, scourging the earth for little 35mm film canisters filled with gold, getting daughters married and generally looking after Ladysolly.


  2. The Airpi hasn't arrived yet. I had an email from them saying Real Soon Now.