Thursday, 24 October 2013

A pension

You know you're getting older when you have to fill in the online form to claim your government pension

I don't feel like I've done anything to deserve it. OK, I've been doing useful work since I was 20 - or at least, people thought it was sufficiently useful to chuck money at me for doing it. And I assume that the major chunk that the government took in taxation (some of which they pretend isn't tax, they call it "national Insurance") means that I'm getting back a small part of what I put in.

But I still don't feel I deserve it.

Apparently, I could be getting up to £110.15 per week. Of course, I'll have to pay ta on that - the state gives, the state takes away. I'll probably only see £60 of that. And if I were to dare to spend it, the state would grab another 20% in VAT. And if I spend that on a tankful of petrol (not that you can fill a tank for £60), the government takes over half in duty (another word for tax, they are so creative in calling tax by other names).

So, all in all, I'll be lucky if I see a pony.


  1. Doc, If you give the pony to charity, as I'm sure you do, it will make a little girl very happy !! :)

  2. I gave my daughters an imaginary pony, they were happy enough with that.

  3. yes, but, your daughters aren't little :) Oh, Ok they are to you then!! :))

  4. They were when they got the imaginary pony.

  5. I'd rather have it for the wedding than an imaginary pony, but all donations are graciously accepted...

  6. I'll bring the imaginary pony, he'll enjoy it.