Friday, 20 September 2013

This call is costing you ...

I found another great way to handle the people phoning me to get me to make an accident claim, or claim a PPI refund. One called me yesterday, and I tried it out. He launched into his script, but I interrupted him immediately to say:

"I am legally required to inform you that you have called a premium number which will be charged at 95p per minute."

"What?" he said.

So I repeated myself, more slowly, followed by "Now please continue with what you were telling me."

He hung up on me.


  1. Lol,
    I'm sure you were joking, but it just goes to show they didnt know what number they were dailing, as its done for them. But I saw recently someone installed an 0871 number for this purpose. He gave companies this number and his email and let them decide how to contact him. He made a few bob out of it too, but an Ofcom representative explained it breached their guidelines so he should not encourage others to do it?

    Why is it you get so many calls, I get hardly any, and most are from companies I have given my number to, and no real cold sales calls either?

  2. That's where I got the idea.

    I don't know why I get cold calls. I suspect I'm on some list somewhere.

  3. I just got another one. I tried the same thing, but the nice Indian lady just ignored everything I had to say and pressed on with her "Have you been injured" script. So I told her, yes, ten days ago, thinking of the time I fell off my bike, and she said that a supervisor would call be back, but they haven't.

    And then a nice Swiss guy drove up into the drive in a Bentley with Swiss number plates (I'm not making this up) and offered me some cookware for free, and gave me an explanation that amounted to it was left over from some project, so I suggested that he try next door, but he already had and they weren't in, so we parted amicably, and maybe I missed the opportunity to acquire for free some great Swiss cookware, but I suspect not.