Sunday 8 September 2013

Salt beef and roast potatoes

Today we visited and wife; also there were daughter.1 (and grandson.1 and nmbf), daughter.2 and fiance, and niece+spouse. Ladysolly spotted a suspicious-looking vagrant lurking about in the front garden, but that turned out to be nephew+beard.

Lunch was butternut squash soup (I had two bowls because daughter.2 didn't want hers) followed by salt beef, one of my absolute favourites, and I pigged out totally, followed by coconut+chocolate+wine cake. Then we watched Ratatouille, and ladysolly had a lesson in how to access movies on the TV, although I doubt if we'll make use of this, because she prefers to play bridge and I'd rather read a book.

Tomorrow we go to Lyme Regis, where ladysolly will be playing a lot of bridge while I go out caching around Bridport. We'll be driving down tomorrow, stopping off at a Services for lunch and then arriving at the kennels she's booked for a few days.

Daughter.1 has got herself paid employment; her award as Personal Trainer of the Year a couple of years ago (pre-baby) has led to her being recruited as a PT for a Scottish magnate who is mostly in Dubai but stays in Claridges (I might have the wrong hotel) while he's in London. She says that this is just the start - she'll pick up lots more clients and be thriving.

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