Monday, 30 September 2013

Playing bridge makes you angry

Ladysolly came home from her bridge game this afternoon, fuming. She is, apparently, playing against some very rabbitty players, and they make so many elementary blunders that they make her angry. She showed me some of them, and I commiserated. At one point, one of her opponents revoked, she got very upset when she found out, and said the "cheat" word, which wasn't right, because it was a mistake, and they got very upset at being called cheaters, and matters deteriorated. Words were Said.

She wants to play with someone good who improves her standard, and I know who she's hinting very strongly about. But I played a *lot* of bridge at college, and a bit afterwards, and I keep telling her I'm not going to. Been there, done that, I'd rather do other thngs.

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