Sunday, 22 September 2013

Philips shaver head

One of the three heads on my Philips rotary shaver is damaged. So, a replacement?

I looked at Philips web site. They come in sets of three for £30 or so, depending on the model. So I looked at my shaver, and although there's *loads* of information printed on it, such as "Mappin and Webb" and "Reuters", all of who I guess are paying for the advertising (although why I would buy anything from Reuters because their name is on my shaver, I can't imagine), there's nowhere on the shaver that gives you the model number. Unless you click open the hair trimmer, which I did in a moment of inspiration, and found HQ 7390. Which isn't listed on the Philips site.

On Amazon, I find "HQ6 heads fit the razor types: 74--, 76--, 78--" but I'm 73--.

Further investigation gets me "Philips Norelco HQ8 Sensotec Spectra (3 Pack) For Use With Philips Shavers: 7100 Series, 7200 Series, 7300 Series" for £28.90. offer a three-pack for £30

A new Philips HQ6925 rotary shaver costs £35. That comes with three heads, as well as all the electrics motors and stuff.


So I went to the DealExtreme web site, which specialises in offering goods from China.

I ordered a GUANGKE reciprocating shaver, washable, lots of good reviews, $11.60 which is £7.25, postage is free, and I know it's a good shaver because I already have one that works fine and I'm buying this one because if the one I have stops working, it takes over a week to ship something from China. But I could buy five of these for the cost of the Philips replacement heads (if you buy five, they're $10.12 each).

It's just as well that companies in the UK are so good at providing services, because they certainly can't compete on manufactured goods. Heaven help us if the Chinese ever find a way of providing a better level of service than the UK companies that offer credit card processing services.

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