Saturday, 28 September 2013

Liars and thieves

Are they all liars and thieves? Surely not all.

Last night, I saw Chris Huhne on the TV, pontificating about ... I wasn't actually listening. Climate change, I think?

It seems like only a few months ago that he was in prison for telling lies under court oath. Why on earth do the people who plan TV, think that he's a credible spokesman for anything whatsoever?

And while on the subject of climate change ... I think that a lot of people have the wrong end of the stick. "Save the planet" is nonsense; the planet will be just as happy with or without human beings. The issue is "save ourselves". And anyway, I don't actually think it's as black-and-white as that - things seldom are. If the average temperature becomes a few degrees warmer or cooler, and the sea level rises a couple of feet, the impact will be on costs.

A lot of things will get a lot more expensive; maybe a few things will get cheaper. Largish amounts of money will have to be spent on flood defences, because so many cities are at or near sea level. Think of London, for example. Some crops will give lower yields, decreasing the food supply, and increasing the price of food. Lots of people won't get enough to eat. The human population might fall a bit. There might be wars over resources, just like there always have been in the past. Maybe an increased number and severity of hurricanes on the US east coast.

It might actually be cheaper for us to take actions that stop this happening. But humans have never been much good at sacrificing short term benefits for long term advantages. We just rely on muddling through.

But the planet will continue to swim through space.


  1. Indeed, I do think the whole thing is stupid, although its obviously a marketing ploy, so I rest my case.

    The planet has had humans on here 200,000 years, and the life expectancy of humans on here is another 1,000,000 years? so lets face it, what can we realistically do to "prolong" the human race, and for how long are we going to have to do it!

    I think the best way is to have a cull ! We could kill everyone whose surname starts with a particular letter, as Its my idea, I wont choose "S", that's you and me safe then Dr.!

    Thought - Who is more silly the people who come up with the ideas, or the people that believe them, or am I just far too cycnical now!

  2. I'd have thought that the life expectancy of Homo Sapiens would be a lot more than a million years, unless we bugger up. One good way is to continue to elect liars and thieves to lead us.

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