Monday 2 September 2013

A bike ride in the Colne Valley

Out today with my slightly re-engineered bike; the battery is no longer on a bracket behind the saddle, it's in the panniers. The new arrangement worked well, and I did much mileage.

First I did a few caches round Springwell Lake, then south along the canal. I do like biking along canals; the track surface is usually good, there's no hills and there's no obstacles that have to be lifted over.

When I reached the southernmost point for the day, I turned east, did a few in Uxbridge, then north to Uxbridge Common and the playing fields just east of there. That took me up till just after 5pm, and I had to head back to the car to avoid being locked in the car park.

44 caches done, and several DNFs.


  1. Wow!!! Springwell lake!! I used to fish there when I was even younger than your daughters!! :)

  2. My daughters aren't as young as they were when they were young.

  3. I found that too!! I used to be 25 times older than my children, now I am only 1.89 times older!!

  4. 17 years from now, they'll be older than you are.