Tuesday 13 August 2013

Workstation 1 upgrades

I ordered a couple of things for the new computer, and they arrived today. One was a new power supply; this has an eight inch fan - the idea is that larger fans can turn more slowly, so make less noise. I don't think it made any noticable difference compared to the low-noise PSU I already had.

The other thing I ordered was a connector to take the parallel port header pins to a DB25 connector on the outside of the case. So that I can connect my trusty old HP Laserjet 6P. But one of the holes in the connector to the header block was filled in, and it wasn't the one that corresponded to the missing pin on the header. So I couldn't plug it in.

Until I drilled out that hole, so now it fits.

I catalogued my collection of Sharpe books, and worked out which ones were missing, then went to Amazon and ordered them.  That brought my basket up to 42 books, so I went through the checkout. And so I have a huge order on its way from Amazon. I rather think I've already read the ones I'm missing, but the Sharpe books are so good, I won't mind reading them again. Maybe I'll read the whole 24-book series from start to finish.

I read a lot of books.

I had a thought about that recently. I see a lot of messages on the motorway; mostly rubbish notices, like "Think bike" and "No incidents reported". And I thought about the people who can't read, of which there are some, and then I thought that between the people who read fluently and the non-readers, there's probably a whole spectrum of readers with anything between poor and excellent fluency. And I wondered how many of the poor readers can actually read those notices (of which, occasionally, one is important or useful) before they've whizzed past.

And I guess the people who put up these notices don't realise that all those rubbish notices are reducing the likelihood that the important ones get read.


  1. Doc,
    I so wanted to read wot you rote, but i canot read because you were going too fast!

    I hope you are in when the 42 books arrive, (it would be unfair to make him leave it with a neighbour. Just one thing, will they infringe on the EU directive that says the parcel cant be more than 15 kgs? Will you be getting multiple deliveries, like it say in the Dove advert "Man can stand multiple attacks"

    1. I'm sure that Amazon would never infringe on any EU directive.

  2. And I thought you were good at maths, in fact I thought your PHD was something to do with maths!!


    Sharpe book series = 24 (lets call this a)

    You have some of the series as you mentioned but you are missing some. As you dont tell us how many, and like all good algebra equations, lets call this x

    So this should be represented like

    y <= a-x Where y = the number of books in your amazon basket.
    But this makes x a negative number (I think)

    Could you please point out where I went wrong?


  3. See, I just knew I shouldn't have taken you to task on maths or logic!! Or looking under bushes for that matter..

  4. Actually, although I've looked under a lot of bushes, I wouldn't claim to be an expert at it.