Thursday 22 August 2013

Westward ho!

Westward to Cippenham; I had a late pass, because ladysolly was bridging in the evening. First, a circuit of 23 caches along roads, the Spirit Fox circular, perfect for biking. I found all of them, and I also found the cache owner at one of the caches.

Then another ring of 20, "North by NorthWest", interrupted by the Lost Chord series. I found all of those, although one of the Lost Chords was a devil to spot, and when I did find it, the info was missing. But I made a guess at the value, and it plotted to an good-looking spot, and when I went there, I found the cache!

Then finally to Kings Langley, where I did some of the series "The commons", but it involved doing some very awkward lifts over stiles, and then when I thought I'd got back to the road, I lost the track somehow, and had to bushwhack the bike through some dense undergrowth. I was very glad when I finally heaved her onto tarmac. It was 10:30 pm before I got back home. A very good, although very tiring, day out, 67 caches found and one DNF.

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